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QicWorks Monthly Subscription

Pricing is determined by the maximum number of active users each month.

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Cost Per Month
$ 195
For Users
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Minimum number of users per account is 10
An additional $1.00 per user/per month will be charged for accounts with over 300 users
Prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST

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Add additional modules if needed

Add On Modules

You may wish to add additional features to the core application as you business grows.
Find out more about the core application and additional modules.

Modules   Cost Features Details
Digital Forms   $135/month View Learn more
Training & Compliance   $195/month View Learn more
Health, Safety & Environment   $220/month View Learn more
Customer Relationship Management   $95/month View Learn more
Inventory Management   $195/month View Learn more
Asset Management (Under Development)   $135/month View Learn more
** All Modules   $500/month
Responsive Assistance

Setup Support

We have 3 setup options available as we know every business has different requirements.
(We do recommend setup assistance as some settings can not be changed once set.)

  Self Setup Assisted Setup Performed Setup
Details You setup at your own pace. You setup, we assist. We setup, you review.
Price $ Free $1,600 $4,000
Dedicated support hours 1 hour/month 16 hours * 40 hours *
Access to help centre and support tickets 7 x 24 Every Day
Support tickets 4 16
Email support Standard 8 hours Expedited
Phone support response time (within) 48 hours 8 hours 2 hours
Chat support Standard Immediate Immediate
Dedicated support person No Yes Yes
1. *Unused setup assistance hours can be used for training.
2. Prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

Additional Training or Support

Do you need additional training?

Do you run a fast moving business requiring additional training and support?


It's easier than you think. can believe. ever dreamed.

Setting up the initial account correctly is relatively easy as most of your setup data can be pulled directly from your accounting package.

We know every business is different, that is why we have a number of different onboarding options to ensure you are set up correctly from the get go. Talk to us or one of our integration partners today.


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