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Bring all your digital forms content alongside your Job documentation by linking QicWorks to your cloud storage provider. Use our inbuild no code form builder to create your own digital audits, surveys, minutes, safety or work instructions.

Get creative and take your forms to the next level with Voice to Text, automated event notifications, GPS location, digital signatures, barcode scanner, sliders, image annotation and video content.

Collecting and storing your digital documents has never been easier. Simply create your forms, capture your digital data from external, internal or app users and then, if required, share your findings with your key stakeholders. Copy in your designated QicWorks email address to automatically file your job, invoice, staff, expense or customer emails or connect QicWorks with your cloud document management provider to access and store all your job documentation in the one spot.

  • No code digital form builder
  • Seamless integration
  • Email configuration
  • Secure cloud storage

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