Flexible and Transparent Quoting

Complete Transparency From Quoting Through to Accountant


Quotes or Estimates

Have the flexibility to create your very own simple or complex quotes and estimates in minutes.

Utilise the quote function within our core product to create your very own professional quotes and then watch as this data effortlessly flows through to job management, all at the click of a button.

QicWorks quoting allows users to create simple free text quotes and estimates or utilise our inbuilt pricing calculator to truly know your profitability.

Packed full of functionality including the ability to show or hide your quote details, compile kit items (ideal for merging labour and material costs into the one item,) include costs for items that will be purchased for this job or choose between quoting or estimating formats. Creating beautiful accurate quotes has never been easier.

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Build a library of quotes to use over and over. Use your existing price lists and then adjust your margins in line with specific job’s needs and watch as you win more work.

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Have a complete and transparent process from lead to job with all your data accessible within the one platform. Our filters and dashboards ensure you stay on top of your quotes.

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Close Out Report

Compare your actual to estimated costs with our close out reports. Understand exactly how long things take and what they truly cost, so you never get caught out again.


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"Changing something as dramatic as business software is always difficult"

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"The benefits gained from QicWorks were immediate and also priceless"

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