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When it comes to invoicing, all the hard work has already been done!

QicWorks invoicing certainly has flexibility at the forefront. Simply select the items you wish to invoice (itemised time & expenses), enter the quoted value or manually add line items to create your invoice.

Get paid faster by sending your invoice direct from QicWorks with all supporting documentation already attached. Link QicWorks with your accounting software & push your invoices for easy reconciliation.

Regain Control


Experience the whole procure-to-pay model from within the one interface.

Have the flexibility to set when you wish to commit your expenses to your jobs. Save time by pushing your expenses (including their attachments) to your accounting software for batch payment.

Standardise your expenses with predetermined markups, product lookups, supplier contracts & preloaded data to match delivery dockets, supplier bills to your purchase orders. Use our inbuilt reports to expedite orders, track commitments & reimburse staff.

Flexible Invoicing Flexible


Save time & automatically close jobs when issuing final invoices. Keep on top of your numbers by tracking aged debtors, customer revenue, & revenue by job owner with our reports.

Easy ordering purchase orders Easy ordering


Create a single order & have it costed to multiple jobs. Use the one click order system to procure out of stock inventory. Assign & reconcile credit notes with your purchase orders.

Regain control expenses Regain control


Capture all kinds of expenses from supplier bills, credit card purchases, petty cash, staff reimbursements to delivery dockets & have the costs settle direct against your jobs.


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"Changing something as dramatic as business software is always difficult"

"It was something that I thought was going to be hard, but it was surprisingly straightforward and effective"

"The benefits gained from QicWorks were immediate and also priceless"

Christopher Beck
Managing Director
Evermil Pty Ltd
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