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Take the pain out of payroll by utilising your pay rules to cleanse your timekeeping data, before pushing to your payroll software.

Create your own customised pay rules which will automate and calculate any complex overtime rates, rules and conditions such as allowances and leave entitlements that you may have.

Our payroll includes a two (2) step approval process whereby single entry data taken from job timesheets, bundy clock or shift reports, is approved by Job Managers and then Payroll within QicWorks, thus removing data duplication, labour intensive data entry and erroneous calculations.

But it doesn't stop there! We then push your time data at individual User, day and pay rate level - not as a weekly total of hours worked.

  • Set pay rules at Task level
  • Pull current leave entitlements for User information
  • Collect & send contractor times to their labour hire companies
  • Ability to pay employee reimbursements through Payroll
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