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QicWorks cloud-based software enables businesses to consolidate safety, quality and daily field management processes into one paperless, integrated all-in-one business management platform making collaboration and operations easy, organised and centralised.



Providing a robust operational platform to build on

Job Management Job management

Manage all things jobs from the one interface. Create job and task templates to save time when creating repetitive jobs

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Time, attendance and payroll Time, attendance & payroll

Choose how to collect time or quantities, use our automation like payrules, pricing tables & integrations to take the hard work out of payroll

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Scheduling and rosters Scheduling & rosters

Manage job duration, team workload, deliveries & milestones. Inbuilt notifications will keep everyone in the know

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Mobile App, designed by workers for works Mobile

Designed by workers - for workers, ensuring meaningful field data is collected. Track job time, costs and completion on the go

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Workflow & approval processes Workflow & approval processes

Ensure data accuracy with our two (2) step work & payroll approval process. Customise account & User permissions to control access

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Invoicing & payments Invoicing & payments

Recoup billable expenditure & Invoice with complete flexibility, so you get paid faster. Capture your job commitments when you want

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Workflow & approval processes Document & file management

Centralised file storage makes the managing drawings, documents, procedures and specifications through the life cycle of a job painless

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Invoicing & payments Seamless accounting integration

Connect and sync data between Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks in a few clicks. Simplify your billing and payroll processes with seamless two way data flow

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Invoicing & payments Real-time communications

Our integrated messaging system uses email, SMS text and push notifications to keep your entire team up-to-date

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Optional Modules

Add more modules if and when needed.

Workflow & approval processes Health, safety & environment

Protect your workforce, company reputation and assists you to meet your legislative duties. Developed specifically to assist you to deliver effective and sustainable safety outcomes

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Invoicing & payments Training & compliance

Compliance training not only ensures that employees abide by evolving industry standards, but also builds a safe and supportive work environment for all

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Invoicing & payments Dynamic digital forms

Our flexible form builder can be used to build mobile forms tailored to fit your specific business requirements without any technical experience required

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Workflow & approval processes Inventory & stock management

Inventory management allows you to track and control your business inventory as it is purchased, manufactured, stored, and used

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Invoicing & payments Customer relationship (CRM)

Manage sales leads and grow customer relationships to convert them into contacts with our easy to use customer relationship platform

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Invoicing & payments Asset management

Save time and money managing your organisation's valuable assets. Eliminate paperwork without losing control over your assets

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